The Living Sensory Bog Installation.

This Summer we have installed 2 ‘Living Sensory Bogs’ at the western side of Little Woolden Moss. People often ask what’s so special about the bog, so we though we’d bring the bog to the people!

Thanks to a generous grant from Salford4Good, funded by Salford CVS with support from NHS Salford CCG, we were able to commission Princes Park Garden Centre to build these for us.

Wondered why we care so much about the moss, but haven’t been able to get a close look at Sphagnum or specialist bog plants from the path? Now you can see all the wonders of the bog from safety instead of risking falling down a ditch!

These scaled down peatbogs feature several species of Sphagnum and the small, but deadly Round Leaved Sundew. Check out the shiny fruit of the Bog Cranberry and the delicate flowers of Bog Rosemary and Cross Leaved Heath.

The bogs are attached to gabion cages filled with different sized stones and clay pipes. These should provide shelter and homes for all kinds of little creatures, feel free to add sticks and leaves to fill some gaps, or just take a minute to have a look and see if you can spot any wildlife living there.

Please be careful with the lid (it’s there to stop birds pulling the bogs apart, and to help stop the sun from drying them out)

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