Helping the Heath

Way back in time, when things were normal and plans could be made, we were lucky enough to receive a small grant from For Housing’s Community Fund. If you walk along the path at Little Woolden Moss, you will notice a small strip of heather dominated habitat between Little Woolden and Cadishead mosses. This is a rare, UK priority habitat called Lowland Heath. This type of habitat provides homes for ground nesting birds, Common Lizards and unique insects.

The plan was for a group of children to come to the moss for a day of fun that would include collecting heather seeds and planting heather plants. Unfortunately, Covid came just before the date we had arranged! So we had to change the plan, waiting until the Autumn for our adult volunteers to help improve the heath instead. We planted hundreds of young heather plants grown by Princes Park Garden Centre and collected cuttings for the next lot of plants too.

Hopefully this little project will improve the area for both human and wildlife visitors to the moss!

Thanks to ForHousing for funding this project.

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